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Our conference is composed of Prep schools throughout New England with associate members in NJ, PA, Canada, and Indiana. Collectively, our Girls Basketball programs field the most competitive conference schedule in the country. On a weekly basis, our student-athletes are often facing teams with multiple collegiate prospects and/or commits. Recruiting within NEPSAC ensures you are evaluating student-athletes who are prepared for both the academic rigor and the on-court proficiency needed to succeed at the collegiate level.  You can see a list of our recent alumni here.  If history speaks for itself, you will find that our conference has only gotten stronger in the past couple of years and continues improving with new student enrollments and coach hires. I look forward to introducing you to NEPSAC!

~ Ayo Hart

President, NEPSGBA

Strong Students

Our conference is loaded with high school students who are passionate about learning and want to explore not just their basketball careers but their academic interests further. Our campuses are led by renowned educators and experts in various fields who inspire and motivate our student-athletes to pursue their academic goals. A NEPSAC education provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain knowledge, skills, and confidence that will prepare them for success in college and beyond.

Strong Athletes

The typical NEPSAC schedule gives our student-athletes the chance to test their skills and basketball acumen against collegiate prospects and commits on a weekly if not daily basis. Besides the insane level of talent housed in just one high school conference, NEPSAC schools offer a rigorous blend of academic and athletic programming, ensuring that our student-athletes are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed both on and off the court. Many of our coaches are former collegiate athletes themselves. They provide their teams with valuable insight into the recruitment process and know what skill sets and habits colleges are looking for in prospective student-athletes. Our coaches also offer guidance and advice on how to balance academics and athletics, helping student-athletes to excel in both areas.

Strong Character

One only needs peruse a few pages of a member school's website to see that our conference is grounded in the values of integrity, respect, responsibility, and leadership. These are not simply canned words that our administrators copy and paste into their mission statement. Within NEPSAC, we believe that character is the foundation of success, and our curriculums and programming are designed to help students develop the core skills and values they need to succeed in life working alongside anyone. Many campuses offer core classes, workshops, seminars and clubs which cover a range of topics, including ethics, social responsibility, teamwork, communication, and leadership. We bring in experts from various fields, including business, education, and government, to provide students with real-world insights and practical advice that they often incorporate into the culture of their teams.

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